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Milo Contreras
Artist | Digital Art
Current Residence: México
Favourite genre of music: Rock, J-Pop, J-Rock, video games music
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Personal Quote: "No matter who, no matter what, I won't give up just like that."
  • Listening to: Street Fighter EX2 Plus' BGM
  • Reading: -
  • Watching: -
  • Playing: -
  • Eating: -
  • Drinking: Vanilla-flavored atole
I really needed an excuse to update this thing, so I decided to steal this from Axl-fox's journal xD

Light (Fire):
[x] you inflict pain on someone without realizing it
[x] you love fireworks/lightning
[ ] you naturally dislike water or aquatic areas
[ ] you dislike or are afraid of oceans
[ ] you like hot over cold
[ ] you hate winter or snow
[x] you lose your temper quickly
[x] you love fires/shiny or glowing things
[x] you get along with people that act just like you
[x] you like to wreck things and leave the mess for someone else
Total = 6

Wind (air):
[x] you have an easy-going attitude
[x] you are carefree of most things
[ ] you dislike or hate rules
[x] you enjoy looking at the sky
[x] you can drift away in thought easily
[x] you wish you could fly or run very fast
[ ] you practice self-defense over self-offensive
[ ] you love the wind
[x] you are generally a nice person
[x] you don't care what people think of you
Total = 7

[ ] you are naturally built or physically fit
[x] you have a strong personality
[ ] you believe you're right at all times in a conversation
[x] your attitude towards people changes all the time
[x] you love all forms of nature
[ ] you are fascinated by biology
[ ] you tend to dislike fire or dark destructive forces
[x] you have a strong sense of justice
[x] you will help your friends when they are feeling down
[x] you generally dislike those more popular or above you
Total = 6

[x] you can easily be a loner
[ ] you take a long time to befriend someone
[ ] your friends are incredibly close to you
[x] you are usually calm and independent
[x] you have a cold personality towards those you dislike
[x] you love the way crystals feel and look
[x] you can either love or hate someone just on first impressions
[x] you dislike the sun, but sometimes enjoy lights or rainbows
[x] you feel the need to pass judgement on your enemies
[ ] you suffer from depression over small things
Total = 7

[x] you take time and look over problems carefully
[x] you get angry over little things
[x] you love the way liquid feels
[x] you are calm and caring
[x] you tend to warm up to people pretty quick
[ ] you go with the flow of your friends
[x] you pity people who are obsessed with things
[ ] you can drift away in conversations and realize it at the same time
[ ] you can easily forget something you just learned
[x] when you get angry you can control yourself
Total = 7

[ ] you laugh at any religion that isn't your own
[x] you love black
[x] you generally like surreal places or things
[ ] you find amusement in breaking rules
[ ] lie, cheat, steal these are the only rules you like
[ ] you naturally shun others
[ ] fire is the only light you enjoy to be around
[ ] you will abandon your friends just so you can get away
[ ] you enjoy inflicting harm on others, just for the purpose of doing so
[ ] you believe you can match God in terms of power
Total = 2

[x] you easily fall in love with others
[ ] you love or respect people that don't like you
[x] you have pity on people of dark origin
[x] you have a religion that makes you very spiritual
[x] you believe in God and angels of many different origins
[x] you are very loving towards others
[x] you can very easily make friends with someone with the same beliefs as you
[ ] when meeting a new person you generally act shy or too polite
[x] you have a strong sense of justice
[x] you will protect your friends with your life
Total = 8

[ ] you are obsessed with shadows and light
[x] you can have a large range of calmness one day and none the next
[ ] you want humanity to be sterile
[ ] you are very spiritual in both holy things and evil
[x] you know you are corrupted and accept it
[ ] you dislike every other element but enjoy the same things they do
[x] you know God is the most powerful being in existence
[x] you laugh and find enjoyment from people that get angry at you because you know they're fake posers
[ ] you know there are spirits all around you, even inside you
[ ] when God passes judgement, you know where you'll go from there
Total = 4

WTF..!? Me, a seraphim?? There must be something wrong here! xD oh well..

Currently playing:
GCN: -nothing-
PS2: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
PS3: Street Fighter IV
Xbox 360: -nothing-
Wii: -nothing-
DS: Pokémon Diamond Version

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cheesecracka Featured By Owner May 29, 2011
Rest in peace, Milo. Hope you're living it up, wherever you are....
valzilla2000 Featured By Owner May 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Even though I never knew you, rest in peace, brother.
Niccy94 Featured By Owner May 29, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

even thought I never knew you :(
Hakunetsu Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2010
Nunca te conocí, pero siempre te veía comentar.

Que descanses en paz.
moshimo Featured By Owner May 29, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
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